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What we do & Who we are

Floy is a Munich-based medical AI company on the mission to maximize human health. Our first AI product informs radiologists about rare diseases in medical images. We envision a future where everybody can access annual holistic health assessments to prevent diseases through early-detection.

Leander and Benedikt founded Floy in June 2021 and raised a 1.3m€ pre-seed funding round from Europe’s leading investors a month later. Over the last weeks, the team already grew to 24 extraordinary people. Our pace only accelerates from here.

Why it matters

Diagnostic errors are frighteningly common and statistically affect each of us in our lifetime.

  • In Germany, every 102 minutes a patient dies from diagnostic errors.

  • Radiologists have a 26.1% error rate for clinically relevant findings.

  • 38% of errors can be prevented through the collaboration of radiologists and AI.

What we value

We believe that culture isn't what you say but what you do.

  • We care deeply. We put patients first. We are authentic. We win as a team, not as individuals.

  • We deliver excellence. We do what we say. We disagree and commit. We fight for simplicity.

  • We act with boldness. We solve hard problems. We place big bets. We have skin in the game.

  • We grow daily. We practice radical transparency. We learn deliberately. We think feedback is a gift.